Sunday, 8 March 2015

Episode 43


Night owls- Works in progress
Sun Up- Finished objects
Prey- Next on the needles
Shinny- New purchases
Sundown- Life happenings at the end of the day
Dawning- 2015 Crazy goals/ plan
Enchanting- Ravelry groups news/ cool happenings

Night Owls:

Easy Lacy Headband by Ratchadawan
Breea Bag by Norah Gaughan
Easy Peazy shawl 2.0 by Megan Delorme
Knitted Flower cloth by Rhonda White

Sun up:

Pinstripe slouch hat by Veronik Avery
Boy's Helmet by Patons
TTFN toddler socks by Laura Linneman
January mini mystery hat by Meagheen Ryan
Pretty Maid by Anne Haas
Uzumaki Tawashi by Pierrot
Shell Boarder book cuffs by Too Hot Headed
Lighthouse dishcloth by Rhonda White
From Dawn till dusk shawlette by Tetiana Otruta
Dahlia cardigan by Heather Zoppetti
Molly hat by Erin Ruth
The Parlor cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner


another  Pond View alpaca farms order

Finish Amelia Bag
finish granny tea cozy
work on round carpet
work on Basic baby cardigan
start 3 stranded headband


March Goals
Finish Amelia bag
           Felia Socks
           Round carpet
           Brea Bag
           Hexagon blanket
Start Olivia's hat
         the cup sleeve

Will give new totals update next week


Hogwarts at Ravelry group. Rotation 4 started.
 This is my first time doing this and really want to have some knitting fun and challenges.

Thanks for watching. Be sure to join the group in ravelry too.

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