Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Episode 42

Episode 42

Topic Changes

Night owls- Works in progress
Sun Up- Finished objects
Prey- Next on the needles
Shinny- New purchases
Sundown- Life happenings at the end of the day
Dawning- 2015 Crazy goals/ plan
Enchanting- Ravelry groups news/ cool happenings

Night Owls:

Pinstripe slouch hat by Veronik Avery
Basic baby cardigan by Alana Dakos
From Dawn till dusk shawlette by Tetiana Otruta
Dahlia cardigan by Heather Zoppetti

Sun up:

Cute Dachshund by Australian Women's magazine
Sojourn Mitts by Robin Sample (Alpaca Farm)
Very cabely mittens by Kelly Porpiglia
Brimmed hat by Louisa Harding (for Dianne) 
Hermione's Everyday socks by Erica Lueder (coffee cozy)
Hearts Desire Doily by Coats Design Team
Color block skirt by Katrinna Fruit
Open Cardigan for barbie by Vicky Johnson
Delightfully pink baby doll dress by Anna Ness
Neck warmer by Drops design
 Jumbo, The pink Elephant by Lily Mills Company
Feathers by Heather Buelow
Piccola sock by yarnissima
Owl in a cup by Joyce Brose (tea cup)
Henry's bunny by Sara Elizabeth Kellner
Sun Daze square by Dayna Audirsch
Violet crochet square by Jacqui Goulbourn
Dinosaur Jr. by Katie Boyette (3)


Rest of Pond View alpaca farms order
Molly hat
The Parlor cat




feeling like I am slagging. Just so unmotivated. Seen Dracula, the untold story, and Taken 3. Lost Girl is ending, but taking a small break. Walking dead is back. Also crazy kitchen adventures.


feel like I am behind, still need to measure projects and find out where I am in the race.
February goals are to finish these wips:
      Dahlia cardigan
      From dawn till dusk shawlette
      Baby cardigan
      pinstripe slouch hat
      Round carpet

also start and finish:
   Olivia's butterfly hat
   Molly hat
   Brea bag
   Lucy's owl toy
   The parlor cat


Hogwarts at Ravelry group. Rotation 4 starts February 18. Join now and pick your house. I really want to get into Ravenclaw house. This is my first time doing this and really want to have some knitting fun and challenges.

Thanks for watching. Be sure to join the group in ravelry too.

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