Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Episode 44

Night owls- Works in progress
Sun Up- Finished objects
Target- Next on the needles
Shinny- New purchases
Sundown- Life happenings at the end of the day

Night Owls:

Wings, shawl by Alisa Day
Hexagon Blanket by Elizabeth Pardue
Bandages for Leapers

Sun up:

Vintage Blue Top, Lacy Pattern in Hand-Knit - Unusual Yoke by The Sydney Morning Herald
MOA (Mother-of-All) Shawl by Nick Davis


another  Pond View Alpaca Farms order

Restart Wonder Wave sweater by DROPS design for Cathy


Stout Natural Wool
Cascade Ecological Wool
Turtle Purl Yarn, Stripped Toes in the Baah Hum Bug Colourway.

Thanks for watching. Be sure to join the group in ravelry too.

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