Friday, 11 January 2013

Episode 21
New House, New Year

1) Lillian Tank top by Amanda Reed
2) Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
3) Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson

The Embrace:
1) Cozy Ribbed Hat Patternby Helen Rose
2)SHetland bookmak by Megan Goodacre
3) Lacy bag by Mary L McCall
4)Vaiegated waves hand towel by Anne Baion
5) Sunny side Cardigan by Tanis Lavallee
6) Crochet market bag by Tiffany Roan
7)Treading Dawn  scarf by Annie Riley
8) One skein scarf by Denise Cozzitorto
9) Mens Fingerless Gloves by Elizabeth Deremaih
10) Knitted round cloth by  Rhonda White
11) Teapot cozy by Alexis Layton
12) Owl Ornament by Emily Kintigh
13) Christmas tree decoration by Baiba Dzelme
14) Kiltipper scarf by Aisling M. Doonan
15) Bookmark row of leaves by Gisela Beyer
16) Kim Kim Bird by Timrava Zuzana
17) Catesby three hour cowl by Kathryn Jones

Playing Mystery Castle and freecell on Ipad

Swap Packages: Knitting brooklyn podcast group, swap was called home for the holidays, partner was Artiparty, great package
Knitting group christmas swap, partner was Annie from Alpaca Acres in Shakespear, Ontario, Canada

Sunrise- see ya all hopefully 1st week in December.

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