Monday, 8 October 2012

Episode 17 Busy Busy

Show Notes:
1) Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson
2)Pretty Triangle Shawl by Pattons
3) Fingerless gloves for Jason by Socktrollet
4) Arctic Sky Cardigan by Bernat
 Traveling Baby knit blankie by Jean Guirguis- hybernating
 Eric Northman Shawl by me -Top Secret -Hybernating
 Cabled tunic by Nicky Epsteinin Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009 in Berroco Vintage DK teal -hybernating

The big reveal-
1)Crochet Wrap with sleeves by Bernat
2)Anklets for Heather by Laura Glasser-Baker
3)Full of it bag by Hillary Designs
4)Felted needle case by heatherssamuels on Ravelry
5)Sew-a-long bags
6)Nefarious web shawl by Kyla Hurst
7)Sonneblume shawl by Sue Berg
8)Athena Tunic- Anna Templer
9)Red Scarf- just made up as I went
10)It's adjustable- book cover-by Theresia Lew
11)Curly Sausalito scarf- by Susan Druding
12)Penche, a wine bottle cozy-by Linda Browning
13)I do not, cup cozy- by Mona Terwedow
14)Best in hoodie crochet vest- by Erika and Monika
15)Granny Square mat- just made up as I went
16)Liffey Hat- by Iryna Klionava
17)Jack-o-lantern dishcloth- by Kat Mcab
18)Bat Cloth -SmarieK
19)Crochet Doilly - just made up as I went
20)Owl coffe cup cozys-by Sabrina Thompson
21)Summer slice socks by Cassandra Dominick
22)Ufo Sightings- Margie's Hat by Laura Glasser-Baker
23)The Necks big thing- by Shelley Brander
24)Halloween kitty dishcloth- by Kelly Daniels
25)Knitted Bunny- by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
26)Sweet and Lo Cardigan- by Ashley Tisdale
27)Elliot hat- by Natalie Davis
28)Beaded Alpacas on Parade- by Angel Ellens
29)Montclair mitts- by Laura Glasser-Baker
30)Brontes mitts- by Diane Mulholland
31)My sweetest friend- by Solveig Engevold
32)Hanging Basket- by Kate Bolin
33)Knitted pin cushion -by Carol Ann Dubrow
34)Marigold pin cushion- by Iryna Klionava
35)Leaf me alone... I am reading lace bookmark- by Leigh Myers
36)Leaf bookmark -by Susan B. Anderson
37)Soap Sock- by Olivia Rainsford
38)Juilet Scarf-  by Louisa Harding
39)Simple Infinity Lacy scarf- by Jessica Cook
40)Fish Cloth by Lucia Tedesco

Big News- Will be a prize drawing on Episode 20, all entrants must be a enter in the thread in the group or on the blog to count.

Other big exciting news, I just bought a house, and will be moving in the end of November. Yah me!

Watching: CSI New York season 8

Sunrise- see ya all Wednesday


  1. Hello, unfortunately I couldn't watch this episode. Apparently, it has content from EMI that can't be shown in the UK.

  2. Okay, to all viewers:
    I Have removed the intro music and ending music to the podcast, so now everyone should be able to listen to this podcast no matter where you live.

    Sincerly Angel

  3. now it says video has been removed ....???????????????????